• Eric FaurePhotographer initial training, I converted a few years ago, in ceramics. Formed pottery turned, I also specialized in researching high temperature glazes. From the still image volume, at the crossroads of my experiences, I now address the ceramic without abandoning the sense of "framing" a "compositon" or even expensive "duotone" to the photographic image ... black and white.


  • Initial training as a photographer in the 90s. Portraitist, reporter, laboratory, photographic laboratory director.


  • Training Turner Ceramic in 2002 provided by the CNIFOP (Centre National of Initiation Training and Development of Pottery and Stoneware) Saint Amand en Puisaye in Bourgogne. Validation Certificate of Professional Aptitude of the same title.
  • Formation en cuisson et recherches d'émaux appliquées à l'artisanat de la céramiqueTraining "baking enamels and research applied to the craft of ceramics," in 2003, at CNIFOP, with Patrick Buté, ceramic stoneware Saône et Loire, himself a pupil of François Eve in 1998. This training has understand and apply the molecular chemistry of the ceramic and its processing by the fire in order to develop glazes.
  • Guy Legrand, formateur du stage moulage plâtreTraining plaster modeling with LEGRAND Guy, 2004. Guy practice a technique where the plaster is used for producing casting mold or stamping for designing complex ceramics.
  • Claude Champy, formateur du stage sculpture terreTraining modeling stoneware, labor to the plate with Claude CHAMPY in 2005. His ceramic work is internationally recognized and has earned several prestigious awards as large in 1988, the Grand Prix of Suntory Museum in Tokyo. His works are in major French and foreign museums and many private collections. Claude Champy could own this sentence painter Roberto Matta: "What we call Art today is interested to appear original, I, I want to be original, to the root of things."
  • Maggy Walker, formatrice du stage décorationTraining decoration on enamel with Maggy WALKER, 2005. Maggy is a trainer in the decoration CNIFOP.
  • Training SEMA (current INMA, the National Institute of Arts and Crafts) Implementation professional situation CNIFOP in 2005. Asistant training and development of a first line of personal ceramic creation.

  • Installation Workshop in Saint Antonin Noble Val in 2006/2007. Development of the creation line "utility and expression" - Utility pieces - stoneware and porcelain enamel - firing at 1300 ° C.

  • September 2008 - opening of the Ceramic Workshop and Gallery in St Antonin Noble Val (82).