Ceramic workshop

  • Saint Antonin Noble ValLocated in the village of Saint Antonin Noble Val in the Tarn et Garonne, 45 km east of Montauban, the workshop enjoys a privileged setting. The village is nestled in a society dominated by the towering Roc d'Anglars the steep cliffs of limestone and shaped from time jurassics the Aveyron valley. Far from the big cities, in addition to its undeniable but reasoned tourist atrait, Saint Antonin has also keep an important social activity, with the maintenance of its schools, the college, its swimming pool, cinema, shops and services ...
  • La galerieOpen on the gallery, all creations are made in the workshop. Turned, modeled or carved, each piece is unique. Often Asian inspiration, my work is not less mixed. I find myself readily through the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese ceramics, or to the ingenuity of ritual objects, but also in the simplicity of ancient objects. I lift shapes inspired me, here, moments, places, moods "photographed" during my various trips. I try to add to them the essence of an emotion, a feeling.
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