Our Conditions of Sales

workshop C
Eric Faure
1 rue du pont de l’Aveyron 
82140 Saint Antonin Noble Val 
05 63 30 64 57 

Sole Proprietorship
registered at the Chamber of Crafts Montauban (France 82) RM 82
Siret: 500 592 076 00011
VAT not applicable, section 293 B of the CGI
Code APE 2341Z (262A)

Our General Conditions of Sale are in compliance with applicable regulations in e-commerce to the French law No. 2008-3.

1 - Purpose :

Items sold on this website "www.ekizen.com" or "www.ericfaure.com" cater to any user, whether or represents:

  • a "Consumer" means a natural or legal person who is offered or accepts a contract offer on a product or service to non-professional purposes, as part of the Consumer Code.
  • or "Professional Client" that acts as part of the Commercial Code, as the legal representative of a company for business purposes in order to either resell the goods, either equip his company of such goods.

These Conditions of Sale exclusively govern the relationship between the "workshop C" Internet customers (which are Internet ordering on the website, they represent a Consumer or Professional Client), excluding sales made directly to the Workshop.

The fact that any Customer Internet to order goods on the site, carries its sole and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which take precedence over any other special conditions of the Customer Internet.

The Workshop C. reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Sale. However, the applicable Terms and Conditions are those in effect at the time of ordering.

These Terms and Conditions mention the company "workshop C" as the only commercial contact customer service using the command line of the said company. The workshop is led by Eric C. Faure, legal person responsible for that enterprise and the relationship with its Internet customers.

2 - Notes to business customers :

To benefit from the terms reserved for professionals, the client (moral representative of a company) to open an account online (by clicking on "Login" at the top doite our site) and must apply by email or by post to our customer service (see contact details above) by attaching a Kbis extract. In this application, professional customer must provide all information about the activity of his company and the partnership project considered. After investigating the case, we reserve the right to accept or reject the request.

3 - Description and specificity of the products offered :

Online sale of utilitarian ceramics and expressions enamelled porcelain and stoneware handcrafted by Eric Faure, potter ceramist installed at the address above. By definition, all our ceramics are unique. They are made by hand one by one in our workshop. Rendering glazes and decorations patterns vary from one room to another. For this reason, photographs representing our products are not contractual. The choice of motifs and rendering of ordered parts is left to the initiative of the order picker unless otherwise stated in the product or explicit request from you in comments during the order process (discover the main ideogram in heading "The workshop".

4 - The steps to make a purchase online:

  • product selection and quantity
  • Adding product to cart
  • Order products
  • ouvrerture an account or identification
  • input delivery address
  • select a delivery method
  • selecting a payment method and confirm your payment

An email is automatically sent to the Customer to confirm receipt of the order, provided that the email address listed on the registration form contains no errors. We do not send order confirmation by mail or fax.

5 - Ordering an article "in process" or "custom" or "out of stock" :

On the product, availability, if the product is mentioned "in process" and available "on demand" or if the quantity demanded is greater than the available stock, the customer has the option either to be notified by e-mail product availability, or to validate and adjust the basket that will make firm order office. In the latter case, the Atelier C. undertakes to fulfill within 30 calendar days. If the customer chooses as payment to settle the order by PAYPAL, the total amount of the order will be debited immediately. If the customer chooses to pay by check, the check will be cashed at the time of preparation just before shipping. In the cases mentioned in this paragraph, the withdrawal period is extended for the duration from order to receipt of the order by the customer, over 14 days in force under section-9.

6 - Customer cart Function :

At any time during the ordering process, the customer can check the total price (cart shown at upper right on the site) and correcting erroneous or to cancel the order data. Any order by the Customer has a firm and final, except for changes / cancellations consecutive regular exercise of the Right of withdrawal.

7 - Price :

Prices charged are those displayed on the site at the time of placing the order by the Customer.

The items offered are exclusive of Taxes (VAT not applicable in reference to Article 293 B of the CGI). Shipping fees are inclusive of all taxes.

Any order placed on the Site and delivered outside of France may be subject to taxes and customs duties which are imposed when the package reaches its destination. These customs duties and possible taxes related to the delivery of an item are the responsibility of the Web Client and under its responsibility. C. The workshop is not required to check and inform customs duties and taxes. For them, L'Atelier C. recommends to check with the competent authorities of the Client's country.

Our rates can be changed at any time. Prices are likely to be different from those shown in the workshop-boutique.

The price offer is valid unless the computer error. In this case, the Workshop C. inform the Customer immediately and offer him to cancel or modify the order or to confirm his order at the correct price.

8 - Payment : 

From our very small structure, we can not accept payment period. All sales must be settled in cash (without discount or rebate) by Credit card or Paypal account via the website or by postal order or by sending a check. The Workshop C. reserves the right to expect the reception or actual receipt of the payment before shipping the goods.

Payment by check: Follow the instructions specified after validation of your purchases to the "order confirmation" or by visiting the enamel has been sent. The check must be sent within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of invoice. The check should be made payable to Eric Faure: Atelier Eric C. Faure 1 rue du Aveyron bridge 82140 Saint Antonin Noble Val. The order will be sent upon receipt of payment.

Payment by bank transfer: follow the detailed instructions, after confirmation of your purchases to the "order confirmation" or by visiting the enamel has been sent. Your order will be sent as soon as the transfer is effective.

Paypal: By choosing this payment method, the customer is redirected to the secure server (HTTPS) Paypal site. Two choices are available to him:

Open a paypal account that is managed like a bank account. You provide Paypal, by mail or bank details and debit authorization or your credit card number.
Pay directly by credit card without opening a PayPal account.
For more information on Paypal: www.paypal.fr

9- Withdrawal right : 

The Customer has a period of 14 days from the receipt of his order to exercise its Right of withdrawal (within the meaning of Article L121-20-1 of the Consumer Code) to the Workshop C without having to give reasons or pay a penalty. Upon exercise of the Right of withdrawal within the aforementioned period, the Customer shall bear the cost of return of all the goods and will be reimbursed the amount originally paid for the goods and delivery charges if applicable standard later than 30 days after the receipt total and without damage to cargo by Atelier C the cost of return to the Customer. The returns should be in their original condition and complete for their remarketing new.

10 - How do I return the product during the 14 day cancellation period :

To make a return product, the customer has to go on his account -> "History and details of your orders," bottom of the page, select the products to return, add a comment and click "generate a return."

11 - Warranties :

All ceramics are guaranteed, the first use, against manufacturing defects within the limits of what they were intended. C. The workshop invites customers to use from the early days. Share their designs, all ceramic Atelier C. resist (and by extension, guaranteed for use) with hot water, detergents, dishwasher safe, to acetic acids (vinegar, lemon), they are waterproof and guarantees unleaded. The duration of the guarantee is fixed at a maximum of 1 month from the date of receipt of the products.

12 - Complaint:

All claims on the quantity, integrity or nature, must be sent by mail to the Workshop C. within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the receipt of the said articles and must contain a clear description dropoff window

All claims on the terms of the guarantees mentioned in the article-11, must be sent by mail to the Workshop C. within thirty (30) calendar days from the receipt of the said articles and must contain a accurate description.

13 - Delivery time :

The delivery time is 48 hours for France and a maximum of 10 days for other destinations (time in days) from the day:

The validation of the order by the Customer and payment by credit card online, in the case of a payment by credit card on PayPal.
From the date of receipt of the check or bank transfer in case of payment by check, respectively, by bank transfer.
or on the thirtieth day for an article "WIP" or "custom" or out of stock in the words of the artcle-5, subject to operation of portal service.
If this time is exceeded by more than 7 days, the Customer may cancel the order by email. If the order was shipped before the workshop C. becomes aware of the cancellation, it will be regarded as the exercise of the Right of withdrawal.

14 - Expedition:

The customer must check the goods on receipt. If the Customer finds damage, the packaging includes external signs of deterioration detrimental to goods on inside (breakage, chipping, cracks) or missing upon receipt of items vary, it is up to him to do all specific reserves registered letter with return receipt to the carrier within three days (not including holidays) (Articles 105 and 106 of the Commercial Code), with a copy to the Workshop C. If the packaging has no external sign of deterioration but articles therein are broken, chipped or cracked, then the client must make a claim as mentioned in Article-12.

15 - Withdrawal service :

The in-store pickup service is performed during the opening hours listed below to the address of our workshop Saint AntoninNoble Val at the address above.

16 - Phone coordinated customer service :

+33(0)5 63 30 64 57. Service opening hours are mentioned below.

Any discount order implies full and unreserved general sales conditions above, all contrary purchasing terms are not simply neutralized but excluded and canceled at any time at the sole benefit of specified conditions.

17 - Opening hours of the workshop C. :

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12am and 3pm 7pm
Sunday from 10am to 1pm

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