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Box 1019


Faceted box in satin white glazed porcelain

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Weight 0,545 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 16 cm - L x w x h

Eric Faure

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Box to enclose the things that you want, food or not.


This box is a unique piece. It is shaped by hand on a potter’s wheel, sculpted to form the facets, then modeled to adorn it with two small handles. It is made of porcelain, glazed in satin white and fired at high temperature. The veneers can be extremely thin and reveal the translucency of the porcelain. The result is a play of light, shadow and transparency.


Free from decoration, the surfaces are no less pictorial. Depending on where the light comes from, the facets reveal shades of white. The play of light and shadow is both vertical and horizontal with the ripple caused by the passage of the faceting tool.


Apart from the visual appearance of this box, its surface is pleasant to the touch. You can feel the traces of the manufacture by hand, the marks of the tools and the silky glaze that makes you think of the texture of the skin.


Thanks to the composition of the glaze and the great hardness of the porcelain, this ceramic material is completely waterproof and non-porous.