• Tasse à saké en céramique, porcelaine émaillée blanc
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Sake cup


Sake cup modeled in satin white glazed  porcelain.

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Dimensions 3,5 x 3 x 3,5 cm - L x w x h
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Eric Faure

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Cup for sake or other spirits.


Each of these mugs is unique. Therefore, they do not necessarily have the same format. It is a freedom that the creator grants himself.

They are hand-crafted, one by one, by assembling pieces of porcelain. They are made of porcelain, glazed in satin white and fired at high temperature.


Apart from the visual appearance of this cup, its surface is pleasant to the touch. You can feel the traces of the manufacture by hand, the marks of the tools and the silky enamel that makes you think of the texture of the skin.


Due to the composition of the glaze and the great hardness of the porcelain, this ceramic is completely waterproof and non-porous. It is perfectly resistant to attacks from the dishwasher or even the microwave oven. Only a violent clash can be potentially fatal to him, like glass.

After a certain time of use, a coloring may appear in the bottom of the cup, depending on the liquids consumed, such as coffee or certain teas. It can be cleaned with baking soda.