• Large laminated porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
  • Large laminated porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
  • Large laminated porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
  • Large laminated porcelain bowl - Eric Faure

Laminated Bowl 1


Large ceramic bowl with unglazed porcelain exterior and clear glazed interior



Weight 0,420 kg
Dimensions 12,5 x 7,5 cm - width x height
Creation Year


Eric Faure

Part type

0.350 L
Withdrawal period within the 30 days



Generously shaped bowl, not suitable for all hands! The utility of this bowl lies mainly in stimulating the graspable areas of the hand, not for the faint-hearted.


This bowl is a unique piece. This means that there cannot be two strictly identical bowls. It is made of porcelain and fired at a high temperature of 1300°C. It is finely shaped by hand on the potter’s wheel. As decoration, it features thin strips of unglazed porcelain adhered to the surface. This bowl has a glossy and transparent glaze on the interior. The exterior surface of the bowl is unglazed porcelain with a smooth finish.


It is only through individual experience that our senses awaken, notably our sense of touch. Besides the visual aspect of the piece, its didactic surface speaks volumes about its design.


Due to the composition of the glaze on the interior and the high hardness of the porcelain, this ceramic is purely food-safe. It is completely waterproof and non-porous. It perfectly withstands the aggressions of the dishwasher or even the microwave oven. Only a strong impact could be fatal to it.

Depending on the tannin content of the consumed beverages, such as coffee or certain teas, a natural seasoning may appear on the interior surface after some time of use. Some may prefer to keep it, while others will clean it with baking soda.