• Large porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
  • Large porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
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  • Large porcelain bowl - Eric Faure
  • Large porcelain bowl - Eric Faure

Short Wave Tea Bowl


Bol en porcelaine brute et émaillée

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Weight 0,300 kg
Dimensions 11 x 8 cm - width x height
Creation Year


Eric Faure

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0,400 L
Withdrawal period within the 30 days



A bowl with a very generous shape, its large capacity allows for the preparation of tea directly in this container, such as for matcha (whisked tea) or any other tea using an infuser.


This bowl is a unique piece, meaning that no two bowls can be strictly identical. It is made of porcelain and fired at high temperatures of 1300°C. It is finely shaped by hand on the potter’s wheel. As a finishing touch, a ripple effect is formed by the slow passage of a finger around the entire circumference. This bowl has a shiny and transparent glaze on the inside. The exterior of the bowl is raw porcelain with a smooth surface. The result is an extraordinary interplay of light, shadow, and the transparency of the porcelain.


Free from decoration, the surfaces are nevertheless pictorial. The ripples catch the light and reveal unexpected shades of white.


In addition to the visual aspect of the piece, its didactic surface speaks volumes about its design… the ripple from hand turning and the exterior surface of raw and smooth porcelain reminiscent of skin texture. Pot against skin, the connection is right there!


Due to the composition of the glaze inside the bowl and the high hardness of the porcelain, this ceramic is purely food-safe. It is completely waterproof and non-porous. It perfectly withstands the aggressions of the dishwasher or even the microwave oven. Only a violent impact could potentially damage it.

Depending on the tannin content of the consumed beverages, like coffee or certain teas, a seasoning might naturally appear on the interior surface after some use. Some may prefer to keep it, while others will clean it with baking soda.